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great british serbs

Great British Serbs
Celebrating and Enhancing British Serb Identity

From business people to artists, homemakers to sportstars, the UK is full of first, second and third generation Serbs making a fantastic contribution, and we want to celebrate them! Serbian Council of Great Britain and Britic are launching a quest to find Great British Serbs.

The Serbian Council of Great Britain (SCGB) works to preserve and promote the Serbian culture and the Serbian community’s contribution to British Society. In its quest to the deliver this task the SCGB the Serbian Council of Great Britain was successful in bidding for this project to the Big Lottery Fund under the Awards for All scheme. As part of the project we have created a web page and hosted a number of open community events across England to celebrate, promote and enhance the identity of British Serbs. As an additional benefit, this project improves the cooperation amongst other Serbian Community organisations and projects in Britain with similar objectives. With this project the Serbian Council of Great Britain wishes to strengthen the pride in the Community and help preserve its Serbian cultural heritage.

The SCGB has joined forces with Britic, the Serbian Cetnik’s Club Tromedja, the Serbian Parish in Halifax and other Serbian Community organisation in Britain. The ‘Celebrating and Enhancing British Serb Identity’ project started with the first event in Leicester in November 2011, and has since visited Halifax, London and York in February 2012.

The main part of this project is the “Great British Serbs” – an online Campaign which is hosted by Britic magazine. Please visit Britic’s website and take part in our Campaign to celebrate and promote the success of our people in Britain. To find out more and how to take part in this project, please contact us.


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