Serbian Council of Great Britain Quiz Night

Fundraising for the development of the Serbian Language

If we want the Serbian community in Britain to exist, retain its distinct cultural identity and maintain strong links with the home country it is essential that our young people speak Serbian.

The Serbian Council believes this as does the Round Table of Serbian community organisations.

Since 2011 the Round Table Working Group on the Serbian Language has been working to promote the teaching and learning of Serbian in Britain.

We have:

  • Campaigned for the British government to re-introduce a British GCSE and A level in Serbian
  • Lobbied the Serbian government to introduce a recognised diploma in the Serbian language that could be offered to Serbian diaspora communities across the world
  • Designed and delivered a GCSE level course in Serbian 99 pupils have completed over four years
  • Developed a learning framework for Serbian as and additional language for younger pupils aged 3 to 11
  • Held a workshop on the Serbian Language in the Diaspora
  • Provided teacher training
  • In 2019 developed a partnership with the Azbukum Centre in Serbia to deliver courses at GCSE and A Level with a qualification at the end of the course accredited by the Serbian Ministry of Education, which is recognised in Britain, Europe and beyond.

Our work has been funded by course fees, grants from the Serbian government, the Serbian Council, individual donations and by voluntary contributions from many involved in the work.

Much more remains to be done and we are limited in what we do because of lack of finances.

This quiz night will help raise much needed funding. We hope that all those wishing to support our work going forward will join us for this fun quiz.


Introducing our Quiz Master

Our very own Maya Barcot

When will the quiz take place?

The quiz will take place on Sunday 28th June 2020 at 6pm (UK time) online via Zoom

How do I play?

All you need is to keep note of your answers, you can do this on your computer, mobile or good old fashioned pen and paper. At the start of the quiz all the rules will be explained.

Are there any prizes?

Yes, we will have prizes to be won. Each registry comes with x1 raffle entry. You can buy more raffle entries at £1 each.

How do I register?

To take part in the quiz we ask that you make a donation of £5 by visiting the link below.

If you want to buy additional raffle tickets please add this to the total donation amount i.e. entry + 5 additional raffle tickets = £10

You will receive a log in code on Saturday 27th June which you will need to join the quiz via zoom.