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The Round table

The Round Table

The Serbian Council of Great Britain initiated the Round Table in April 2010 after the Serbian Ministry for the Diaspora invited the Serbian diaspora communities across the world to take part in a Diaspora Assembly in Belgrade in July 2010.  Despite the short deadline, we invited all Serbian organisations to a meeting in London in April 2010 and suggested there should be a democratic process to elect the two representatives for the UK and Ireland. This was agreed and we set up and managed an election process. Two representatives were elected and represented the UK and Ireland at Diaspora Assembly meetings in Serbia in 2010 and 2011.The Diaspora Assembly was disbanded but the Round Table has continued to elect individuals to represent the for policies agreed at the Round Table in Serbia and the UK.
The current representative is Lazar Vuković of the Serbian Council.

The Serbian Council also felt that the Round Table had another role to play as a forum for Serbian organisations and individuals to discuss issues of interest and importance to the Serbian community in Britain. We believed that it could be important in encouraging co-operation and collaboration between Serbian community groups and organisations from across Britain for the good of the community. Many leading Serbian community groups, organisations and individuals welcomed this initiative and have participated in Round Table meetings.

They include:

The Serbian Embassy

Parishes of the Serbian Orthodox Church

The Serbian Council of Great Britain

The Serbian Society

The Serbian City Club

Circle of Serbian Sisters ‘Kosovo Maiden’

Jasenovac and Holocaust Foundation

London Sports Society


The Serbian Library

The Serbian Medical Association


Association of Serbian Writers and Artists Abroad


The British-Serbian Chamber of Commerce

Association of Serbian Chetniks of Ravana Gora in Great Britain

British Serbian Alliance for Peace  


We have played an active and leading role in the Round Table and have contributed to the design and delivery of the agreed priorities which are the  promotion of the teaching and learning of the Serbian language in Britain and in other Serbian diaspora communities across the world and Serbian Month which is recognised asone of the most significant festivals of Serbian arts and culture in the Serbian Diaspora which has been successfully running for twelve years.

A highlight of the last year was the organisation of an event to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of NATO’s war on Yugoslavia.

Other initiatives which are being developed are:

  • Forming a community fund for agreed projects to benefit the Serbian community or Serbia
  • Ensuring the Creative Embassy in Dering Street is able to be used by the Serbian Community in the UK and Ireland
  • Further promotion of the Serbian language in collaboration with AZBUKUM
  • Strategy for funding and holding Round Table events.


The Round table is chaired by Maya Milanković- Atkinson, of the Serbian Council and is managed by the Round Table Steering Group. Meetings are held twice a year mainly in London but it is hoped to arrange meetings in other parts of the country so that all Serbian communities can be involved. Meetings are open to representatives of all Serbian organisations and societies and interested individuals. For further information contact the Round Table Steering Group


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