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Serbian Month

Serbian Month which is led by the Serbian Council was initiated by three organisations (Serbian Council of Great Britain, Serbian City Club and Serbian Society) to showcase the creativity and talent of the British Serbian community and Serbia in the fields of arts, music, entertainment, education and sports. Over time it has caught the imagination of over thirty organisations, numerous individuals, and the Serbian government, all of who have joined this celebration of Serbian culture and heritage and its contribution to British society.

We are very proud of the journey we have been on over the years, especially when we look back to the beginning, that first Serbian Week in Great Britain held in Leeds and London in 2008. What started out as a few events has grown from year to year to become Serbian Month with an impressive programme held in numerous towns and cities around Britain. Every year more and more organizations and individuals join the programme, covering an increasing number of cities across Britain. Over the years Serbian Month has taken place in London, Oxford, Cambridge, Reading, Birmingham, Norwich, Halifax, Bedford, Peterborough, Leicester, Coventry, York, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Brighton, Tunbridge Wells, Forest Row, Maidenhead, Leamington Spa, Dorchester, Barrowden, Millom, Berkhamsted and Warrington.

Now Serbian Month is viewed as the biggest Serbian festival of its kind in the world. This is a great achievement of the Serbian Diaspora in Britain and is proof of our creativity and our ability to work together for the good of the community.

To celebrate and commemorate the tenth anniversary of Serbian Month in Great Britain a special catalogue was published and was so well received that it is now published each year. The catalogue includes the programme of events and information about Serbian organizations and groups in Britain, British organizations that collaborate with Serbia and successful British Serbian academics, artists and athletes. The catalogue shows the richness and diversity of the Serbian community in Britain and the significant contribution it makes to British society. It has proven to be a great way of finding out information about our community and is excellent promotional material that can be used throughout the year and not only during Serbian month. 

We would like to thank all organizations and individuals that made this achievement possible as well as sponsors. Organizations that took part in Serbian Month programme over the years are:


Serbian Orthodox Church   

Embassy of the Republic of Serbia   


Serbian Council of Great Britain   

Serbian City Club   

Serbian Society

Pro Art & Co   

Serbian Library   

Istros Books 

British Library   

ASWA (The Association of Serbian Writers and Artists Abroad)

Serbian Schools   

Jasenovac and Holocaust Memorial Foundation   

Memorial service for Women in foreign medical missions in Serbia and related fronts during the Great War

British-Serbian Chamber of Commerce  


London Sport Society   

British-Serbian Medical Association  

Norfolk & Norwich Novi Sad Association 

Coventry & Belgrade Twinning Cities

Circle of Serbian Sisters – Kosovo Maiden


Nase pozoriste u Londonu 

Fetch Theatre


Around the Globe Music & Arts   

Contemporary Balkan Art

Fine Art Escape    


Art Media Group UK    

Serbian Fairy Tales            

North Kensington Library  

Sofranac Ltd  

Balkan Sizzler

Aspire Trust

Center for Study in Cultural Development Serbia                                   

York University   


Association Ognjena Marija of Livno 

and individuals too numerous to be mentioned

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